Teams will be announced next weekend, but please keep in mind the teams will be designed to get players the playing time they need to get the most out of the investment you have made in your player.  7th & 8th Grade Girls division is very well balanced as an example; best balance we have had in our club.
Secondly, we WILL NOT know the exact location or times for games until the Thursday before each game date.  This is just how it is with not knowing until the tournament director releases the times and location.  And at times they make changes after the first release, so I never release the times until I get confirmation from the tourney director that  this is the FINAL schedule.
Sorry for the delay in releasing a schedule. We are very excited about this season!  We thank you for selecting Backcourt Hoops and we will do everything we can to insure you have a great experience.
All payments need to be made at this time to receive any gear!

Please email Lance Craft ( or call at 281-726-0204 if you have questions about Backcourt Hoops Programs.